Friday, August 26, 2011

New Video Links for Curiosity: Alien Invasion

See my previous post for the times I pop up as an extra. It should work okay with these videos, I think.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Curiosity "Alien Invasion: Are We Ready?"

The project "When Aliens Attack" became "Curiosity: Alien Invasion" in the U.S. I'm a featured extra in it. At various times, I play a soldier, a doctor, and a refugee. I have speaking parts twice. I'm happy to say that my husband (Jim Johnson) and our dog (Hiro) also have roles, including speaking parts for both!

0:28 - Soldier running behind guys in hazmat suits
0:32 - A soldier running for my life!

6:07 - I'm running in a military uniform with an AR-15 strapped to my back
6:23 - Jim and I are throwing a dead body off the roof
6:45 - I'm yelling while running through rubble looking for survivors
6:54 - I'm climbing down into the rubble to rescue someone
7:14 - I'm in the group running away from the alien robot
7:25 - I'm holding the one holding a gun on the far left. (Yes, I'm technically in two place in this scene)
8:01 - I run across the hall in front of the alien gurney
10:20 - Hiro, Jim, and I are walking through the refugee camp
10:36 - Hiro, Jim, and I run away in the refugee camp (left on screen)

0:04 - Jim, Hiro, and I walk into the refugee camp (from top)
0:13 - I'm holding Hiro while everyone panics
1:08 - That's Hiro's speaking role! I'm holding his leash.
1:10 - Hiro and I watch as they wrap up exploded eyeball dude
1:13 - I look either very sad or very bored about exploded eyeball dude
2:34 - I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV
2:45 - Doctor again! Running over to a poor seizing Jim. My 2nd speaking part!
2:58 - That guy doesn't feel well. I wonder if his eyeballs will explode?
3:07 - Do I have a future as a hand model?