Friday, October 8, 2010

 My roller derby skates are in the photo to the left, and my shiny new wheels are shown below. My previous wheels (which came with the skates) were rainbow (one wheel each of yellow, pink, green and blue). I kind of liked the colors, but I didn't care for how the wheels felt. I upgraded to the Radar Speed Rays, and I love them! The shoelaces had to match, so I lost the rainbow laces that were originally on the skates. My skates almost look dignified now... Many thanks to Rolling Thunder Fun Factory for helping me pick the new wheels out!

Sadly, I was invited to participate in an upcoming exhibition bout (tomorrow), but I'll be at a wedding instead. Phooey! Admittedly, I wouldn't want to miss the wedding, but still... it WOULD have been nice to be able to show off my limited skills in front of people. And actually playing derby is crazy difficult, but a lot of fun. Anyone who thinks women aren't aggressive enough to play contact sports is an idiot!

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