Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Blog about my Roller Skates... AGAIN

I can't help it... I'm a little bit of a gear geek. New hobby = new stuff to play with and learn about. Roller skating is no exception. I started training for roller derby back in August. I'm now on my 2nd pair of skates. The new skates are the Riedell 126 boot with a nylon plate.

I'm also on my 3rd pair of toe stops and my 4th set of wheels (not counting the outdoor wheels I just bought for skating on Rails to Trails). I've purchased an extra set of bearings, maintenance equipment, toe covers, shoelaces, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards... It all adds up! I should note, all the gear I've purchased was NOT to replace worn out or broken stuff. Mainly I've been looking for the best gear combination for me to skate in.Granted, skating isn't ALL about the gear. There's a WHOLE lot of skill involved. The gear does help, though...

Radar Zodiac Wheels (red). Slightly narrower profile, although not as narrow as my Heartless wheels.
Gumball toe stop. These toe stops are awesome! Large and super grippy.
Toe covers to keep my skates from getting torn up. I like this style that covers the entire toe rather than the toe strips that only protect the front of the toe.

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