Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fly Free, Stupid Red Bats!

We are anxious to get the hell out of here, dammit!
There comes a time in the life of any orphaned red bat when they have to make their own way in the world. For 3 especially stupid red bats, that night was tonight.

The photo you see to the left is my handful of red bats, anxious to join their counterparts in the wild. They wasted no time. I took them outside, and they immediately took flight. They looked amazing! It doesn't surprise me, because they've been flying circles in their flight tent for the last couple of weeks.
What?! I have to feed myself?!!!!

So, why didn't I release them sooner? Well, one bat was a bit slow in catching on to the concept of feeding itself. Finally, just this last week, she caught on. Success! Perhaps they can actually fend for themselves in the wild!

Sadly, I didn't get any photos of them flying away, primarily because I lack actual photographic skills. The only reason these photos are in focus are thanks to an expensive, idiot-proof camera. Thank you, Canon Rebel!!

Note: Out of extreme paranoia, I made Jim put away the ducks first. Ducks will try to eat just about anything. If one of this little red beasties hit the ground, it could have been bad.

Note: I am a trained wildlife rehabilitator and I've had the pre-exposure vaccination for rabies. No wild bat should ever be handled barehanded by the general public. If you do find a sick, injured, or orphaned bat, you should immediately call a local wildlife rehabilitator and follow their instructions. Please do not attempt bat rehab without the appropriate training and paperwork. Thanks!

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